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Hand Caning Service in Bay Area

Bluestone Upholstery can accommodate projects involving complex hand caning and installing prefabricated caned elements. Our emphasis is preserving the integrality of the furniture and maintaining as much of the original materials. When replacements are required, our methods and materials with experienced craftsman generate successful results in reproducing the parts, matching the original look and feel of your furniture.

The use for seat caning was introduced shortly after 1660. In the context of furniture, hand caning is a method of weaving chair seats and other furniture either while building new chairs or in the process of cane chair repair. The materials used in caning are derived from the peeled bark or backs of the chairs using material made from the outside bark of rattan (a tropical vine) native to Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Some vines reach 600 feet in length.

Our Caning Process

Many modern and antique chairs have cane or rush seats – these wear out, stepped, broken or any get other damages. We offer a full service caning and rushing service. Also, splint and woven seats or chair backs can be restored. In hand caning of chair, the cane used is woven in single strands through holes in the perimeter for caning (or back), and you can see the knots tied on the other side. Hand-work comes in a pre-woven sheet and is applied to the chair seat or back as single piece, held into place by a wooden splint in a groove around the perimeter. Splint is similar to cane, but much wider – up to one inch. Danish rope appears to be much like woven rope in diameter. It is applied in an intricate design to the seat or back.

If you are unsure of what you have, please bring your chair to us or just give us a call and we will help you determine what is needed and how we can help you. We also sell cane, rush, and other supplies for caning purpose. We can help you find the right materials for your furniture to make it in use again. As always, we’d be happy to give you free advice or make our skilled staffs work with your budget and requirement.

We provide complete stabilization by:

  • Object examination: Assessment of the structural integrity, description of previous repairs, listing of the losses.
  • Condition of the parts like solid woods, secondary woods, exotic woods in your furniture.
  • Complete condition report
  • Treatment proposal with special attention to prevent losses.
  • Wood fumigation and insect eradication.
  • Non-intrusive upholstery conservation.

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