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Motorcycle and Bicycle Seats in Bay Area, CA

You’ve bought your bike; you’ve picked out all your gear, and now it’s time for your first motorcycle ride on your new machine. You pull into the garage after the ride and realize one glaring problem: the seat is incredibly uncomfortable. Don’t you worry, with upholstery and fabric covers, Bluestone Upholstery also is leader in reconditioning and restyling seats and foam alteration services for new and older bikes.

Whether it’s your sport bike, your Beemer or your Harley, nothing is worse than having an uncomfortable ride because your seat is uncomfortable. Aftermarket seats are precision-crafted with contours that immensely enhance comfort and support. These are custom motorcycle and bicycle seats for almost every bike on the market, so finding one for your bike should be a snap.

Basic Reupholstering on Motorcycle and Bicycle Seats

In Bluestone Upholstery, our seat services division can reupholster and recondition seats of mostly any bay area bikes and bay area bicycles. Basic reupholstering and reconditioning is the most economical way to breathe new life into an old, worn-out seat. We have standard patterns to fit most seats and it’s your choice to choose from our styles like vinyl, pleated vinyl, smooth vinyl, or button-fit.

Our Work Process

First of all, when we bring in your motorcycle bikes or bicycles, each seat is examined for foam deficiencies and repair requirement. The seat is then repaired as needed. Then, the original foam is steamed for expansion. Next, a fresh layer of low-density and comfortable form is bonded over the original foam and a moisture barrier is added above them to keep those foams protected. Custom-made upholstery is then steam-fitted to your seat. In case of plastic-pan seats, the upholstery is secured with galvanized staples and the original prongs or aluminum rivets are used on metal pan seats. The result after all these process of careful and best upholstery to your bike seats is the best in bay area you can buy – installed right, and ready for years of uncompromising and comfortable seats.

Get our advice

Just call to get any kind of upholstery consultation. We want you to reach out to us, not just to get our consultation but also, to get the most benefit out of our upholstery. As comfort word is subjective and what might work for one person may not work for another. Hence, you can help us determine what it is about your seat that makes you uncomfortable, and what type of foam improvements might be able to address your issues.

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